What I Do

Web DevelopmentWeb Development

Whether it be building data analysis platforms, insurance quotation systems, social media platforms, auction websites or custom CRM's to name a few. Using technologies such as PHP / Symfony or NodeJs.

Interactive SitesInteractive / Animated Sites

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript heavy interactive or animated websites and infographics. Including using SVG, GSAP, WebGL, Canvas, Webcam and Audio integration.


Specialising in bespoke built e-commerce platforms. Also Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

Web DesignCMS Websites

Content managed websites whether it be WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or slightly more obscure ones like Bolt and Silverstripe.


Experience in building and integrating with third party JSON/XML REST/SOAP API's including the likes of Facebook, Twitter and payment processors.

Mobile AppsMobile & Desktop Apps

iOS, Android and Ubuntu Touch mobile and tablet development as well as Electron desktop apps. Experienced in Cordova and Phonegap.

Web DesignThe Rest...

Internet of Things type projects involving Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's and the like. Anything slightly unusual like touchscreen displays, Amazon Echo Alexa skills, blockchain related development or projects using technology such as NFC.


Available to hire remotely on a day rate or per project basis. I'm experienced in working alongside other web or marketing agencies.